The Nikon D850 at the race track.

The Nikon D850 at the race track.

Composing with light.

Composing with light.

Astro Photography.

Astro Photography.



aberrations previewOptical Aberrations

Optical aberrations in photography can be annoying, but do you recognize them nowadays where everything is developed to it’s limits and beyond? This is an overview what technical flaws can occur when you take photos.





Nikon AF-S Nikkor Micro 105 mm f/2.8G IF-ED Review & Unboxing


As promised the my spontaneous purchase at the black friday in 2020: the Nikon AF-S Nikkor Micro 105 mm f/2.8G IF-ED. After in the comparison versus the Tokina now in the review, with many sample and comparison shots. If you want to go deeper with your macro photography you should take a look on this lens.




Nikon 105 mm f/2.8G IF-ED vs. Tokina AT-X M100 f/2.8 PRO D


The budget macro lens from Tokina vs. the expensive Nikon lens in the comparison. Which one performs better? Is the higher price for the Nikon justified? A detailed comparison between both lenses with many samples and serius photo results.




Happy New 2020!

happy new year 2020


A new decade begins with 2020. In the look back 2019 was successful on the business sector. We made an image film for our client Der Holländer and had one more happy customer. In the creative area we had a bit standstill, because of this image film. It took a lot of time and brought also a lot of fun but in the end other things had to slow down. Nevertheless we could made a second visit to Iceland and drove around the whole island what was a fantastic experience. And of course some smaller trips like to South Tyrol again what was also wonderful.


I hope 2020 will be a creative year and of course a lucrative one, but it is hard to manage all these things when you have a full time job. But keep the head up, I and we looking forward for the next projects. So stay tuned and I hope you arrived 2020 healthy and without any problems.


For the statistics: had in 2019: 5100 Visitors and over 30 % of them came from the United States, where came over 11 % from Germany and on the third place is the UK with over 6 %. A big thank you for all visitors and I'm happy I can help with my articles and tips about photography. 




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