What's in my bag?

What's in my bag? My equipment list.

Warm hands for photography

Winter is coming. Gear to keep your hands warm.

The detailed review for 70-200E FL ED VR lens

The 70-200E FL ED VR in the review.



preview white balance

White Balance and Color Temperature

You know that: you take a photo of a nice scenery but the colors on the camera display are not same as in reality. What influences that is the white balance of your camera. How to handle that and what you have to be aware of will be explained in this article. Click for more!





Manfrotto Magic Arm 244 + 143 Camera Bracket - Unboxing

Unboxing of the Manfrotto Magic Arm 244 with the 143 Camera Bracket. A useful and versatile helper to extend your functions of your tripod. I appreciate this accessory very much because it adds more stability for all the gear you want to mount.





 preview light as a tool in photographyLight as a Tool in Photography

The most important factor in photography: Light. The name says it already “photo” from greek means light and “graphy” is translated drawing, painting. Drawing with light. That shows us how important the light in photography is. What you need to know about light quality and light direction can you read in this article.





preview color in photographyColor in Photography

Color is one of the most important means of design in photography. It can convey feelings or make an image interesting in the first place. But what is interesting, there is no color, it is created by the eyes and brain – a sensory impression. How to use colors as a creative tool and how to handle it will you know when you click on read more.



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