Nikon 35 mm f/1.4G in the detailed Review

Nikon 35 mm f/1.4G in the detailed Review.

The perfect guide to create a panorama photograph

The perfect guide to create a panorama photograph.

How to find the perfect aperture for the proper Subject

How to find the perfect aperture for the proper Subject.



Nikon D850 - 120 fps Slow Motion Test

It's get technical again. During our shoot of our short film we had the chance to test the slow motion capabilities of the Nikon D850. So we filmed the warmup of our actor and are satisfied what we could capture. This material was internally recorded at 120 fps at 1080p and is automatically scaled down to 30 fps for playback. The D850 was mounted on a DJI Ronin and the lens we used for this was the Nikkor 24-70 2.8 ED VR. You get a super smooth slow motion with this function, but unfortunately not in UHD. But all in all it is a very useful result. For color correction and grading I used Davinci Resolve 14 Studio.

A huge thank you to Redefinition Records that we can use their music!

You find the review for the Nikon D850 when you click on here.




STILL BELIEVE - Our Participation for the My Rode Reel 2018 Competiton

We are finished! And we are proud of our work! We put a lot of time and heart in this project. After the last two weeks of editing, cutting, coloring and grading we finished our short film for the My Rode Reel 2018 short film competition. And of course we got the required behind the scenes also finished, more about this later.

We put everything we know in this film and used every piece of equipment we have. The surprise of this film is the ending and we hope you are suprised when you watch it. On the other hand we tried to create a classic cinematic atmosphere in 24 frames per seconds and a moody look of the image and we combined this with a modern UHD resolution. We think the technical parts, especially the visual work has succeeded. It was our first tryout to record sound to the pictures and we had always in mind that the this competition is sponsored by microphone manufacturer. So we decided us to concentrate on a clean recording and not to overdone this area. We just adjusted the volume of the single scenes to the master volume. No frequencies were changed or any other effects. All in all we could gather a lot of new experiences in every aspect of filmmaking.

You will find the behind the scenes when you click on read more plus the credits and the equipment we used for our film.

You can vote for our film here now: STILL BELIEVE - My Rode Reel 2018

Enjoy our short film and leave some feedback!




Landscape Jewels - Iceland

There is a lot to do these days. But here is my latest work: the drone footage of my Iceland trip. A short but beautiful clip in a cinematic way with atmospheric music. I would like to close the chapter Iceland with these fantastic pictures and look forward to my next visit to this beautiful country. The next step is the post production of our short film for the My Rode Reel 2018 Short Film Competiton. We finished the shooting of the footage in end of june and looking really forward to finalize this project. We are extremely excited.

And I spent a week in Austria in the first week of July. It was amazing! Landscapes like in a picture book and a lot to hike. And a very bad sunburn but that's my fault. To be exact: we spent the week in East Tyrol with perfect weather every day. I hope I'll get the material done as soon as possible to provide you with new high quality photos and videos. So stay tuned and enjoy the video of Iceland.




gallery update no. 07Gallery Update No. 7

Gallery update number seven as Iceland Edition. New high quality shots from my Iceland trip in the Landscapes and Aerials section. Many beautiful waterfalls, black mystical mountains and wide open land. You will find the new photos on the top of the category. Let me read what you think about them and leave a comment.



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