gallery update no. 06Gallery Update No. 6

High quality update number 6 for my gallery. A lot of new sports shots, especially motorsports and new photos of my favorite athletes from BCA-Berlin.com. Winter is gone so it's time to use the drone more often and I got some really nice shots of Berlin. And of course new minimalistic macro shots in the stills section.  A sky full of stars will you find in the natures category and one new panorama of the milky way what you should know from tutorial how to shoot stars.



race track d850 previewA Day at the Race Track with the Nikon D850

The Nikon D850 tested at the race track. Using this camera for 5 month now and still no disappointment to find. If it was a challenge to get some good shots with the setup of the 70-200 f/2.8E FL ED VR and the teleconverter TC-20E III can you read when you click on read more.





Nikon TC-20E III Unboxing and Review

The eight year old TC-20E III is my latest lens addition. How well it performs can watch in this video and you won't be disappointed. A nice little addition to extend your focal length of your tele lenses in my case for the 70-200E FL ED VR. The sample pictures which are shown are all edited. Stay tuned for the article how the Nikon D850 performed at the race track.




Lightroom Classic CC Update 7.3

Showing all the new features of the Lightroom Classic Update 7.3 of the 3rd of April. I felt obligated to create this video because of my previous video of the camera calibration tutorial, because the camera profiles have a main part on this topic. I hope you get a quick overview of the new update.


Click on read more if you want to read the changes.



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