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Iceland has relatively liberal drone regulations. Two of them are that you are not allowed to fly over crowds and respect the privacy of others individuals. These two rules invite for speculations and interpretations. Three other rules are that the highest altitude is 130 meters (426 feet). It’s not allowed to fly within 1.5 kilometers (0.93 miles) of airports or built-up areas. So Reykjavik is taboo. Last but not least drones over national parks are prohibited and you need a special license to fly a drone with a weight of over 5 kilograms.

If you disobey one of these you are immediately liable to prosecution and your drone may be taken from you and a fine imposed. So far to the official regulations.

This time we had a lot more luck with the weather, no horrible winds and permanent rain. At our first days it snowed sometimes and as we arrived the whole country was still under a light snow cover. Gradually it disappeared, especially in coastal proximity.

We drove around the whole island and spent three days in the south, then we moved to the east, after that in the north and the last days we were close to Reykjavik. It was a fantastic road trip.

foss a sidu in the sunThe Foss a Sidu in direct sunlight. The thawing caused icicles to fall off the edges of the cliffs all the time.

lava field walk in snowThe green lava stone fields turned into a white one. It is still very impressive because you think you are on another planet.

skaftafell glacierOn our way east we passed the foothills of the Skaftafell glacier, which was really impressive because of the sheer size of these ice masses. The closer I got with the drone the more gigantic it became, so I decided me for a panoramic shot.

meltwater from aboveMinimalistic shots of the melting water of the glacier, in a 90 degree angle.

glacier riverThe water become a river and is floating into the ocean.

mountain pass to the eastWhen we wanted to get to one of the most eastern points of Iceland we had to pass the mountains and that was the view.

hverfjallOn our way to our northern stay we discovered this vulcano crater by coincidence (we took the wrong direction). That was an astounding discovery as you can see.

foothillsThe characteristic river structure of one of the countless rivers which are fed by the meltwater from the glaciers.

farm house in icelandA farm house in the wide.

húnafjörðurA coastal strip with a black sandy beach.

lighthouse in sunsetThere are several lighthouses in the north, this is one of them. We spent the whole day there involuntarily because our car got stuck in a snow field and we had to pull the car out several times with the help of helpers. After work we were still able to enjoy the sunset.

frozen sultartangalónAt our stay in the west we decided to drive a bit more in the highlands and discovered a dam and energy structure with several buildings, which were located over a large area, this is the frozen Sultartangalón, a lake nearby.

saxhóll craterThis is the Saxhóll crater located in the very west. Very impressive because of it’s shape and small appearance.

crater with canyonClose to Reykjavik is this giant crater with it’s own canyon directly at the road.

After driving the whole island in 13 days we saw a lot. So much nature, open range, countless waterfalls and much more. Iceland is truly a paradise, albeit a rough one. We could take some really wonderful photos with the drone and also of course with the camera, so stay tuned for them.


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